• Advanced hydrotherapy
    Advanced hydrotherapy

    using the latest technology...

  • Shape up for summer
    Shape up for summer

    try our fast, effective workout with water...

  • Second treadmill
    Second treadmill

    in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter...

  • Recover, restore, rebuild
    Recover, restore, rebuild

    H2O Physio has a program designed for you...

  • Physiotherapy

    just add water...

Hydrotherapy in Birmingham, West Midlands

With clinics in Birmingham and Wolverhampton, H2O Physio offers advanced hydrotherapy using revolutionary underwater treadmills, previously only available to elite athletes and premiership football teams. Our innovative water-based physiotherapy programmes provide all the advantages of effective exercise without putting stress on joints, so they're ideal for people with chronic conditions, or recovering from an injury or operation.