ACL Surgery - Harsimran


Rehabilitation following a football injury which resulted in knee surgery to repair the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).


Harsimran underwent reconstructive knee surgery three weeks before his first H2O Physio session. Following the operation, he was on two crutches with minimal weight bearing on his leg and forced to sit around doing nothing.


  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Water Temperature: 31˚C
  • Speed: 0.5kph, gradually increased to 3.0kph
  • Depth: 1145mm
  • Resistance Jets: Not activated
  • Direction: Forwards, backwards and sideways
  • Number of Sessions: 3


Harsimran was able to walk slowly without crutches for three minutes after the second session and revealed that he felt 50% better.

The water's hydrostatic pressure and increased movement helped to reduce the swelling around the knee by approximately 40%.

Walking pain-free on the treadmill enabled Harsimran to walk forwards, backwards and sideways dynamically as well as performing squats and single leg squats in the second.

The water-based exercise allowed the joints to be loosened off, muscles to be cushioned and foot lift went from barely off the treadmill to at least 10cms.

The extension lag on the supporting leg went from -15º to -5º and flexion in the knee went from 30º to 90º after just two sessions.