Meniscus tear knee injury - Adam


Post meniscus tear surgery recovery


Twenty-four year old Adam, a teacher and star cricket player for Wombourne, sustained a serious impact injury to his right knee when bowling during training at the end of July 2015. A scan revealed he had a cartilage tear and 50% damage to his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

Following an op to remove the damaged cartilage, he was told he may not play cricket again and he might also need further ACL surgery. A week after the operation, Adam came to Optispine limping, unable to weight-bear or bend his knee and extremely concerned about his recovery. He reported that he felt down about his injury and that, as a Type 1 diabetes sufferer that normally exercises every day, his general health had been significantly affected.


  • Hands-On Physiotherapy
  • Underwater Treadmill
  • Magnetic Resonance Therapy
  • Cryotherapy


Adam's programme began with manual physiotherapy for realignment and to restore mobility and function. To strengthen the weakened supporting muscles, he started with gentle walking in the Underwater Treadmill, at a slow speed (3 kph) and with the water level high (1000 mm). The water provided the ideal environment as he could exercise pain-free and without putting stress on the injured knee.

To alleviate the aching he was experiencing and stimulate cartilage renewal, Adam then had Magnetic Resonance Therapy. This uses weak, slowly oscillating electromagnetic fields to help restore normal cell function and enable cells to renew.

The final part of the treatment was Game Ready cold and compression therapy, which was applied to the knee to help reduce any inflammation and swelling.

As Adam progressed through his programme, the water level in the Underwater Treadmill was gradually dropped to 600 mm and the speed increased to 8 kph, making the exercise increasingly more intense. He has gone from having difficulties with walking to running on a normal treadmill and has now returned to training for the new cricket season, which starts in April.