Multiple Sclerosis - Beryl


Improvement in symptoms of MS and arthritis


Beryl suffers from MS and together with arthritis in her right ankle, she experiences back pain, poor balance and her posture is stooped. She needs a stick plus some assistance to get around.


  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Water Temperature: 31º
  • Speed: 2.0 to 2.5kph
  • Depth: 900
  • Resistance Jets: Not activated
  • Direction: Forward
  • Number of Sessions: 3


Exercising with MS is a helpful way to stay as healthy and fit as possible and to improve some of the symptoms and their effects. 

The underwater treadmill is the ideal environment for Beryl to train as the water supports her weak muscles and limbs, cushions her movements and relieves any pain she is experiencing. 

Beryl’s muscle strength and fitness have improved, which help with her mobility problems. Her range of motion has extended as her confidence has grown and her balance has got better through improved core stability.

The load on Beryl's arthritic ankle is also reduced, allowing her to mobilise properly during her sessions.

Activity promotes a feeling of wellbeing so this form of therapy is a great way to help reduce depression and improve mood.