H2O Physio launches ground-breaking aquatherapy programmes

Denzil takes his first steps on the underwater treadmillThe UK’s first physiotherapy service using the Hydro Physio underwater treadmill and wellness system, shows amazing early results...

For the first time in the UK, physiotherapist Davinder Chatha is treating private patients within a purpose built wellness centre at Halfpenny Green near Dudley, using some truly innovative aquatherapy techniques.

The beginning of June marked the official opening of the H2O Physio centre with a launch weekend. Davinder is a well-established Chartered Physiotherapist with an extensive client base and his patients were invited to see the equipment in action.

”This offers my patients a complementary service to my personal therapy and can help me to develop advanced treatment techniques. Movement in water has many advantages, which simply can’t be achieved on land”, Davinder explains.

Open Day Success

Several patients with a range of conditions agreed to be guinea pigs and got to try the brand new Hydro Physio equipment during the open days.

Sandie used the underwater treadmill for 20 minutes, then the wellbeing pool to help regain flexion and strength after an equine accident.

“All people will find a benefit from upright aquatherapy at some point in their life. I can’t think of many patients who wouldn’t gain from building hydro into their rehabilitation programme. To look out over lush countryside, through beautifully designed glass products, only helps patients to feel relaxed and ready to improve”, Davinder continues to explain.

Exercising with Arthritis

For many patients, physiotherapy is a constant part of their life. Denzil (pictured above) suffers with chronic arthritis and is a long term patient of Davinder’s.

On the open day Denzil tried the water treadmill for the first time.
Under the instruction of Davinder, Denzil walked at 2.8kph, for 26 minutes, at a water height of 1.1 metres.

‘I haven’t walked so far in ten years! I’m so happy and don’t feel any pain. I can’t believe it’, Denzil said with a look of amazement and satisfaction.

A cardiovascular workout for patients like Denzil is essential for their overall health. The sense of achievement in being able to exercise is a stimulant that builds confidence and gives a lot of happiness.

Denzil finished his treatment with 15 minutes in the warm water of the wellbeing therapy pool, stretching and relaxing muscles with massage jets.

Recovering from Sports Injury

Another patient with cruciate ligament damage after a footballing injury was more than willing to try the Lifestyle water treadmill. Harsimran had surgery 3 weeks before the open days and was still immobile, he was in a lot of pain and had a significant amount of post-surgery oedema.

Starting at a very low speed of 0.2kph and a water height of 1.15 metres, Harsimran began taking his first post-operative steps without crutches. He was weight bearing on both legs while initially using the side handles of the trainer, until his confidence grew. He eventually reached a slow walking speed of 1.3kph, in a session that lasted 30 minutes. During the session his foot extension from the treadmill, went from 1 to 4 inches in step height. His stride length nearly doubled and he began to walk normally.

Harsimran commented that he was frustrated at the lack of rehabilitation options after the surgical part of his treatment. He was beginning to worry about the prolonged amount of pain and swelling.

We can report that he has already had his second session with Davinder in the treadmill and has improved significantly. The oedema has dispersed away from the trauma and he is now able to walk on land over small distances without his crutches. He is amazed at the difference that the aquatic treatment has provided.

With over 15 patients being treated at H2O Physio in the first weekend, the centre opening was a fantastic success. See open day photos >>

Future Plans

H2O Physio are planning on opening further treatment centres in the near future so that more people can access this type of therapy.

“This centre represents my aim to offer relief to patients using a broad range of treatments and my commitment to find the most advanced physiotherapy technology available”, concludes Davinder Chatha.

H2O Physio are also inviting medical professionals to discussion and workshop days on the 29th and 30th of June. Please contact Davinder to book your place.

T: 01902 898256 • E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. • W: www.h2o-physio.co.uk



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