Peripheral Myelitis - Evan


Rehabilitation for peripheral myelitis


Peripheral myelitis is the degeneration of the peripheral nerves that mainly supply the upper and lower limb muscles. In Evan's case, the condition has severely affected his walking and the use of his left arm.


  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Water Temperature: 31˚C
  • Speed: 2.0 to 4.0kph
  • Depth: 1200mm
  • Resistance Jets: Not activated
  • Direction: Forwards and backwards
  • Number of Sessions: 12


Evan's programme in the underwater treadmill, was based on working towards maintaining as much muscle strength as possible and also reducing his cramping and spasms.

The water level was high to give Evan plenty of support for his weak muscles and the water's surface tension helped him retain his balance while he exercised, allowing him to push himself with confidence.

The Game Ready cold and compression device was also part of Evan's programme, as it helped reduce the inflammation of his nerves.

Previously, Evan would walk round Wolverhampton's West Park to keep mobile and sustain his fitness. It would take him about 1½ hours as he was forced to stop every ten minutes. Now, the circuit takes him less than an hour and he has also re-educated his gait to achieve a more normal walking motion.