Prolapsed disc - Bobby


Training to improve core strength following a prolapsed disc


Thirty three year-old scaffolder, Bobby, suffered from a prolapsed disc a couple of years ago. Being over six feet tall, together with the heavy lifting and twisting of his work, resulted in Bobby having to undergo a discectomy.

This year he had yet another prolapsed disc and the threat of a second operation.


  • Treatment plan: Wellness pool & Pilates equipment
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Number of sessions: 12


As Bobby had such serious back problems at a young age, he needed to take a proactive approach towards his health to avoid issues in later life.

Following manipulations, Bobby's recovery programme consisted of hydrotherapy in the wellness pool and circuits using the Pilates equipment.

Floatation in the pool worked by relieving the stresses of gravity and taking the weight off Bobby’s back. This, in conjunction with improved blood circulation, helped to speed up the recovery process.

The pool's warm water allowed him to maximise on the exercises that were designed to achieve his target, which also extended to the Pilates training afterwards.

Previously Bobby had enjoyed kick boxing as a hobby but due to his back problems, he was forced to give up. Now, he's feeling much better and even considering taking the sport up again.